My World-Famous Gluten Free Crispy Crunchy Chicken Sticks! (with homemade ketchup)

Kristine's Gluten Free Crispy Chicken Sticks - Soo much better than nuggets! Well, not world-famous just yet perhaps. But I’m pretty sure they will be after today!

Forget Chicken Nuggets – These are decidedly better (not to mention healthier)! Continue reading

The Worlds Best Carob Brownie – I’m Not Kidding!!

Worlds Best Carob Brownies!! Gluten-Free with dairy-free alternative; failsafe and FODMAP/fructose-friendly!
Say hello to your new favourite treat!

In the last few weeks (7 to be exact) these brownies have been our comfort and joy, and pretty much the biggest contributor to us getting through the elimination diet. I have made them time and again, both with and without carob (brownie or blondie), and it NEVER seizes to amaze me; it’s just THAT good! Continue reading

Failsafe Toffee Cake… layers and layers of crazy good.

Toffee AND Cake. I mean seriously, how good can it get?

I’m not even gonna waste time talking right now. Partially because you won’t want anything to keep you from this recipe.. and partially because I don’t want anything to keep me from eating it. It’s practically yelling at me from the kitchen!
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There’s New Gluten Free Folk in Town; Gingerbread Folk!

gluten free gingerbreadman

‘Tis the season to dream of Christmas!

It may just be August, but I’ve been in quite the Christmas spirit lately. I even rented some silly x-mas movies last night, and I’m playing with the idea of heading back to Europe come snowfall.. Continue reading