Gluten free, allergy-friendly and “healthier” sweets; Who can we trust?

Sweets for my sweet..

It is not always easy for children (or adults for that matter) with sensitivities and allergies to feel “normal”. A lot of our sense of belonging stems from participation in activities along with our peers, and food plays a huge role in most social gatherings. For children especially, the sense of identity and self-worth is formed hugely based on belonging, and belonging often comes from being able to do what others do, have what others have, and of course eat the same things their friends eat. Lollies are no exception, and although it may sound silly, sweets do play a big role in children’s social sphere. After all, they are a part of almost every social setting where children are involved.

So how do we give our kids lollies that make them feel included, but at the same time keep them safe? Who can we trust? Take a look at this list.. Continue reading

Watch me build a Gluten Free Gingerbread House (and we’re giving one away!)

Cooking with Kristine - Making a Gluten Free Gingerbread House

Christmas is all about giving, and we sure are in the giving spirit here at The Gluten Free Lifesaver this December! Continue reading

The Gluten Free Lifesaver’s 1 Year Anniversary Jumbo Giveaway!!

The Gluten Free Lifesaver's Birthday Jumbo Giveaway!

The Gluten Free Lifesaver’s Birthday Jumbo Giveaway!

Thank Heavens – The Gluten Free Lifesaver is 1 year this December, and we’re celebrating by giving away a JUMBO box full of Gluten Free Goodies to our fantastic followers! Continue reading

My Favourite “Melt-In-Your-Mouth” Swede/Rutabaga Cake! (Gluten Free, Dairy-Free, Failsafe, low FODMAP)

Kristine's melt-in-your-mouth gluten free swede cake (rutabaga)! Moist, moreish and impossible to resist! The big bonus is the goodness of the rutabaga; an abundantly nutritious vegetable. #glutenfree #dairyfree #failsafe #lowfodmap #fructosefriendly
I just have to stop everything I’m doing for a minute, and share this fantastic cake with you!

A lot of people either don’t “understand” swede, don’t use it, don’t know it or think that only cows eat it. I have grown up with it and I seriously LOVE it! It is so healthy, very tasty and seriously versatile. No matter what you might have thought of swede up until today; this cake will be like colourful fireworks in your mouth! It’s moist, flavourful and very, very tasty! Continue reading

My Favorite Dessert “Karamellpudding” – a Norwegian take on Creme Caramel or Flan – Made dairy and gluten free!

My favourite dessert: Norwegian Caramel Pudding (flan/creme caramel)! Velvety, creamy and actually quite healthy! Gluten-free with Dairy-free option

My grandma used to be the undefeated boss of “Karamellpudding”. Her trained hands would twirl the molten sugar around the pan effortlessly, never burning a finger. Her pudding always came out flawless, velvety and golden, and always abundant. Continue reading