Norwegian Meatballs (that will leave you wondering why you ever ate the Swedish ones..)

At 00.50 tonight my parents will be touching down on Australian soil for the first time ever. They’re mid-air as we speak, and no doubt dreaming of sunny days and never-ending beaches in the magical land of Oz. Continue reading

Good Bye 2012, Hello Mud Crab Tagliatelle!

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language,
and next year’s words await another voice.”
- T.S Eliot


Each New Year’s Eve I seem to find myself in a remarkably different place or situation than I could have possibly foreseen the year before. Continue reading

Keep a herb garden

herb garden

Keep a herb garden, it’s a very good idea. Sure the watering will drive you crazy, but you can pop out and collect fresh, flavorful herbs at any time for any meal.

I use it in hot food, salads, breads, drinks, desserts, decoration, you name it.

Not only will herbs lift the flavor of whatever you’re cooking, it will probably also lift your health. And maybe your mood. It works for me :) Continue reading

Pasta, not porrige

GF pasta

Just thought I’d mention that I found a good pasta brand.

I hate mushy, soggy, wet and overcooked pasta. Pasta that swells up and fills the pot, disappears through the strainer and dissolves when you try to stab at it with your fork.

San Remo does it better. I really like their fettuccine. Al dente, at last.