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Recipes to suit any palate

I like to buy fancy foodie magazines with pretty pictures and mouth-watering promises. I also fall for the popular cookbooks of the season, and I browse the cool blogs abundant with fancy creations. When it comes to rolling my sleeves up and putting food on the table however, I rarely seem to pick up that fancy book. Instead I go for flavorful, hearty and manageable. I love to put my own gluten-free twist to old favourites and make up my own recipes, and I usually just reach for my iPad or smart phone if I need a crutch along the way.

I am an absolute expert at trial and error, and my fiancée is an expert at washing pots and pans. We make an awesome team.

I keep a well stocked pantry, and I often get a sudden urge to whip up a treat. More often than not I cook more than we can chew, resulting in numerous dinner parties and edible giveaways. Last night, as our guests left the building, I looked at the leftover pavlova and said to my stuffed partner in crime; in ten years you’ll be too fat for that chair if I keep this up. “Ten?” he said, “I give you three”.

The recipes I blog are ones that I have found to please my tummy, my hubby and my guests. I emphasize on easy and yummy.

If something’s unclear or you’d like a hand, drop me a line. In fact, if you love it, hate it or have come up with a new twist, let me know.

I hope my recipes make your buttons pop too!

Kristine x



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Please note that some categories are combined, meaning that not all recipes in the category belong in the same allergen or dietary preference group! One also does not exclude the other, so please read the recipe carefully. Mislabelling can occur, if so please do not hesitate to let me know.

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5 Comments on “Gluten-Free Recipes

  1. Talking of cookbooks… and I’m sure this is available worldwide (hmmm, prob check Amazon….) but my last Christmas prezzie to myself was “Sustained Energy for Gluten-Free Eaters” by Liesbet Delport RD (SA) and Sharon Alderson. One lady is nutritionist and founder of the Glycemic Index Foundaiton of South Africa and the other lady was an undiagnosed coeliac sufferer… together they figured out what was going on and together they developed recipes and wrote this book! In the book they also explain what Lo-GI is and how to eat it – so no more hi and lo blood sugar levels etc.. hence the ‘sustained energy’ title. Anyway… thought I’d just let ya know :) (There are some yummy traditional SA recipes in there too… ;) And, NO! Not goat! Geez….


  2. Oh this concept these two women came up with is just awesome. !!! I have Nut allergies but I ‘m also sensitive to Diary, products and Eggs(Protein) due to Asthma, Lactose intolerant as well, I can no longer use soy products either. so this is magnificent for me.


    • Thank you so much for thinking of me! I just realised that the reply I wrote for this comment (on my mobile) never got posted and I feel terrible!

      I really appreciate the sentiment and I am very flattered :)

      I have visited your blog and I think its fantastic! Your story is so strong and your way of dealing with it is wonderful!

      Thanks again for nominating me; too kind!



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